It all began...

In 1957, Wayne's Dad - John Johnston, Jr.  bought him
a Hohner Marine Band harmonica  and taught him how to play
"Oh, Susannah!" which he took to school and played at "Show
and Tell" and later in The May Fair...

The 1960's - Wayne formed a band with his brothers in 1964, and played for parties at the local
swim club and for neighbors.  During his years at Springfield High School, he played  with John Oates,
who suggested Wayne play bottleneck with his pinky instead of his 3rd finger, Lucky Oceans, who
taught him a lot about the Blues, Ray Benson, who got him his first good guitar (a Harmony Meteor) and
Paca Thomas,  all originally from the Philadelphia area. His first contract was with Mercury Records and
did numerous sessions in the studios of New York and Philly, including the legendary Cameo/Parkway  
(Bobby Rydell, Chubby Checker, Dovels, Question Mark and the Mysterians)  and Sigma
Sound(Gamble/Huff, Ojays, Harold Melvin & Blue Notes, Soul Survivors).

The 1970's - Wayne and his brothers Mark and Kurt, along with Art DuHaime III, decided to go full
time into the music business and starved for a few years, until they landed a Summer long gig at Trader
Lee's in Ocean City, MD which lasted for four years. It was here that Wayne had a chance to meet the
vacationing president of Hohner Harmonicas Leland T. James. After James heard Wayne play, he hooked
him up with a lifetime endorsement with the company.
From the mid 1970's on, the band was never without work, and traveled from Maine to New York, Texas,
Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, WVa, Ohio...

The Johnston Bros. landed a spot on the 50,000 watt Radio Station WWVA and became regulars
from 1978-1982 on Jamboree U.S.A. in Wheeling, W.Va. The show was broadcast live every Saturday
night from The Capitol Music Hall. During this period the band was on the road quite a lot and asked
brother Jeff to join as sound man/backup singer.

1980's - "The Nashville Years"
At this point, Wayne and the brothers were recording and promoting their independent releases
exclusively in Music City, U.S.A. This inspired the formation of Jobro Music Co.

In 1988 The Johnstons were nominated Independent Group of the Year and performed at the
Independent Record Industry Awards Show at Vanderbuilt Plaza in Nashville, Tenn.

During a hiatus from his brothers that lasted four years, Wayne toured with Susquehanna River
Band up and down the East Coast for six months, after which he took a long overdue break from the
road, proceeded to open a studio, teach, gig locally, and start a family.

1999... As the new millennium approached, Wayne found himself playing at audiologist conventions in
towns such as Cedar Rapids, New York, San Antonio, and Los Angeles with "The Hawks" - a band that
actually did party like it was 1999. The century ended at a deliciously dizzying pace, marking the end of
an old era and the fresh start of a new one...

2007-2008 - This year was a time for networking, making friends with new artists and renewing old
friendships as well.
At this point he was changing his band mates from one venue to another, still doing a considerable
amount of freelance work on and off stage, in and out of the recording studio.

In 2009, Wayne's brother Kurt, fresh off a World Tour with Bon Jovi, started to express his desire to
play some blues, and booked a session at Eclipse in St Augustine. Some of the tracks made their way
onto Wayne's latest CD - all originals - called "Runaway Train" available on CD Baby, iTunes, etc.
Wayne now lives in St Augustine, Fl.

2010 is the 35th anniversary for Wayne's association with Hohner Harmonicas. It was 1975 when
Wayne received his endorsement from the largest Harmonica Company in the World.
My father, John Johnston,
Jr. with his four young
back L -Mark back R -
bottom L - Kurt bottom R -